Ayesha Curry – 2k16 Freshly Picked Holiday Collection

Since her emergence on the mainstream media scene a few years ago, Ayesha Curry has personified the coveted crown of power-mom, a do-it-all-with-ease lifestyle agenda where an at once focused and free willed career woman doesn’t simply wear many hats – she develops, designs, displays, and distributes them as well. The Seasoned Life author and Ayesha’s Homemade cook show host, actress, model, mother of two and NBA-wife somehow makes it all appear seamlessly organic, a natural extension of who she is in rapid progression – a fast flight toward arriving at the person she was destined to become. That is, living a happy life of success and purpose with family, friends, and now a growing legion of global fans. There are too many reasons to love Ayesha Curry, and how much she adores children and their clothing has to rank chief among them.

Written by ToneSwep

Beautifully bright-eyed with an inviting smile and self-assured womanist aura, Curry, 27, recently released her second Holiday Collection with baby lifestyle brand Freshly Picked. Co-designing the creative and comfortable must-have moccasins with the company’s CEO, Susan Petersen, the celebrity loved kiddie kicks are soft­-soled and stylish: Perfect for the go-getter mom who is always on the go with child in tow. SEXEE sat down with the exciting lover of life to discuss the new line, which includes three styles: Geo Rose, Glitz & Glam, and Holographic, all currently on sale exclusively at Freshly Picked.

(SEXEE) How does this collection represent you?

(Ayesha Curry: Ayesha) When I was gathering inspiration for this collection, I wanted to design something magical and colorful my girls would love. My favorite part of my holiday collection is how well each style goes with any outfit and still captures the playfulness and fun of childhood. These shimmery, metallic moccasins with pops of color absolutely capture my vision.

(SEXEE) What’s your favorite part of being a mom and an entrepreneur?

(Ayesha) It can be tough to balance the demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship. But it’s so rewarding to share my passion for creating food for my family with everyone through Ayesha’s Homemade, my Food Network show, and The Seasoned Life, my best-selling cookbook. I love setting an example for my daughters of what can happen when you pursue your dreams.

(SEXEE) What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?

(Ayesha) My favorite part of the holiday season is having my family together and creating memories. One reason I was excited about teaming up with Freshly Picked was because of how your baby’s first shoes become an important memory maker. I’m so excited my collection will be part of every step of your little one’s first holidays.

(SEXEE) How do you pick which type of projects to pursue professionally and how did that play into your decision to design shoes for Freshly Picked?

(Ayesha) The exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is choosing projects based on your talents and passions. When Riley was little, I fell in love with her Freshly Picked moccasins and loved that the company was started by a mom. 🌹

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