Hannah Telle – Only Time Will Telle

Dream Pop is a complex category. With a motley of musical artists ranging from 90’s Velocity Girl and All About Eve to today’s SZA, Field Mouse, Lana Del Rey, and Major Lazer crowding the difficult to distinguish by design sub-genre, common characteristics such as breathy vocals,  sonic textures, and wall of noise are often installed to organize the critique and conversation surrounding its undeniably ambient alt-rock feel. Singer Hannah Telle, the Los Angeles-based guitarist and vocal actress whose “Hollow Glow” provided an impressive debut album from a newcomer to the sound scene, has developed a sound and delivered a project as truthfully blue and sonically spacious as her native North Carolina sky.

Written by ToneSwep

Produced by Ben Schwab and recorded in Hollywood, the album’s titular track serves as it’s single. On “Hollow Glow“, Telle requests something more tangible than what you have, and who you know. In the larger context of the many Hollywood hopefuls and fake-it-tell-they-make-it falsehood-lums surrounding Telle in LA residence, the song is a refreshing reprise of dignified ideals often missing in music, media, and movies, et al. An accomplished voice and screen actress, Telle plays the voice of award-winning “Life is Strange” video game lead Max Caulfield, and commanded the lead role in the indie film “Flesh & Blood”, which screened at Comic-Con earlier this year. In addition, Telle also penned and performed songs as the lead character in the Dances With Films Festival screened “I Live For You” movie. In all, Telle is a guitar hero gifted with harmony; a 20-something Goldilocks with a ton of talent trying to make dollars and sense of it all amidst the bears and wolves in La La Land. 🌹


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