Toula Rose – Wearing The Crown

SEXEE Editor Tone Swep hung out with London’s hottest fashion blogger Toula Rose to discuss the striking British beauty’s Greek-Austrian lineage, her love of meshing vintage with modern, how she would switch up the red carpet looks for Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, and hometown hero Idris Elba, and why Eco friendly fashion is the wave of fashion week’s future.

Written by ToneSwep

(SEXEE) Recall your earliest experience with apparel, clothing, fabrics, textures, colorways, patterns and designs. When did this love affair with fashion begin?

(Toula Rose: Toula) I think my love for fashion began when I was around four-years-old and my sister was studying Fashion Design at London College of Fashion before she moved to New York to work in Fashion PR. It was then that I knew I wanted to follow in her footsteps. After I finished high school I went to University to study Fashion Marketing and have been working in the industry ever since.

(SEXEE) Let’s talk patterns. What do you go for, what are you drawn to? There are so many options, especially for women.

(Toula) I love all shapes, cuts and colours of clothing, from loose fitting over-sized sweaters to tailored jackets. I don’t tend to wear a lot of clothing with patterns on, I like to dress quite minimal and often opt for neutral colours such as black, white or nude. 


(SEXEE) Who are are some of your favorite designers, fashion lines, and brands? What is it about these people and their products that makes them so astoundingly stellar?

(Toula) For handbags, I love Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Gucci. Their pieces are all iconic and so well designed. When it comes to my clothing, I tend to shop more online and on the high street. I have a bit of a bad habit where I don’t really like wearing the same outfit more than once, so I have to shop at more affordable fashion brands. Otherwise my bank account would hate me (Laughs!). I love Zara, ASOS, Misguided and PrettyLittleThing

(SEXEE) How important is a brand’s legacy to you? PRADA, for example, was established over a century ago in 1913. How does that brand integrity extend to you as a fashion blogger?

(Toula) In terms of those products you are really seeking luxury and craftsmanship in like a handbag or a pair of shoes, then yes – it’s important. I love buying into a brand that has existed for years and evolved with the industry. It’s important to recognize and appreciate. 


(SEXEE) Share your favorite new line or collection with us. Tell us why they’re amazing enough to impress you.

(Toula) I am loving the new fall collection in Zara stores at the moment, probably because a lot of it is similar to Gucci’s RTW line. 

(SEXEE) How is it living, working, and loving in London? Give us a typical day in the life for Toula Rose?

(Toula) I really do love London. You can never be bored! Being a blogger I don’t necessarily have a typical day, unless it is one of my days off where I work from home. That would consist of waking up around half-7, going to the gym, and then coming home and tackling my emails, writing a blog post, and taking photos or filming a new video. My days in London also usually consist of going to a press day or a bloggers event. I usually have about two or three days a week where I attend events, meetings, and meet with my photographer to shoot new street style looks. 

(SEXEE) Your name is quaintly exotic, what is your heritage and ethnicity? Tell us how your background influences your work.

(Toula) My name is Greek. My father is Greek and my mother is Austrian, so I am quite an unusual mix. I was born in England and so was my mother, so I wouldn’t say I am particularly influenced by my background. 

(SEXEE) What are some of your favorite world cultures? For instance, with the Olympics being in Brazil most recently all global eyes were on that nation’s culture, from food and travel to business and fashion.

(Toula) After I graduated I went travelling to South East Asia and was fascinated by their cultures. The food in Asia is amazing and the countries there are so beautiful. It is a completely different world in comparison to back home in London. In terms of fashion culture, for me you can’t get better than being in Paris and reppin’ that effortless chic Parisian look. 

(SEXEE) What is of the utmost importance to you as a blogger from an ethical standpoint? What boundaries do you test, and conversely, what restrictions are you most comfortable operating within the confines of?

(Toula) I do really love Eco friendly brands. Ethical fashion is the way forward and it is great that big brands and big names are getting involved with this. From Emma Watson with People Tree to and his Ekocycle line. 

(SEXEE) What is your primary goal as a style maven? Talk about the path towards attaining that goal thus far.

(Toula) My goal was to be a full time fashion blogger and within six months of starting my blog that is what I am doing. It’s my dream job and I couldn’t be happier at the moment. Being able to offer style advice and inspire others with the clothes I wear is great. It’s what I am most passionate about so it’s great to have a voice to share that passion. My next big goal would be to collaborate with a brand and release my own collection. That’s the dream! 

(SEXEE) SEXEE Scenario: These three red carpet regulars are headed to The Met Gala. Each individual asks you to style them in something completely different from their anticipated norm. How do you outfit them?


 Jennifer Lawrence: I love the playfulness and innocence Jennifer has. I would contrast this and put her in a Gothic inspired lacey black Balmain dress.

Lupita Nyong’o: She is stunning and I think a bold statement piece would look beautiful on Lupita. I would choose something like a block colour red Valentino.

Idris Elba: Idris looks great in such a variety of styles, from super smart to casual in a biker jacket. For something like the Met Ball I would probably opt for a tailored suit by Tom Ford – there’s no one better for it! 🌹

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